Welcome to Goff, Inc.

Goff, Inc. of Seminole, OK is a proud US Manufacturer of premium quality Shot Blast Cleaning and Shot Peening and HydroPulse® degreasing equipment for over 40 years.

Goff surface preparation equipment is available in Stationary and Portable models and Engineered Special Designs.  Goff HydroPulse® Equipment is used for high production hot water washing, degreasing  and aqueous cleaning in the rebuilding and remanufacturing of parts, components and assemblies.

Goff offers various sizes of Wheel Blast Equipment in Table Blast, Barrel Blast and Spinner Hanger Designs.  Pass-through designs are also available in Standard and Custom sizes of Wiremesh Belt, Skew and Rollers and Overhead Monorail Conveyor styles and types.

Goff Blast Wheels are high production, high efficiency and direct drive allowing maximum wear part life and consistent cleaning and peening results.  The Goff internally-fed blast wheels are available in various diameters,  sizes and range in HP from 2 up to 75 HP depending upon the machine design and cleaning requirements.

Goff, Inc. customers and markets include: foundries, petroleum and gas valves and compressors, fabricators, automotive, heat treating, ship building, aerospace, road, bridges, parking structures and floor preparation.  Goff equipment cleans and prepares steel, aluminum and other metals to prepare for coatings as well as remove scale, rust, coatings, paint, sand, ceramic and other materials offering a consistent surface profile or finish.

Goff, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to work with you on your Blast Cleaning, Peening and Surface Preparation needs and requirements.







    Goff, Inc.

    12216 NS3520
    Seminole, OK 74868

    Machine Sales:
    Fax: 405-382-7013
    Email: goff@goff-inc.com 

    Parts & Service:
    Phone: 877-265-2925
    Fax: 405-382-0880


    What we do: 

    • Stationary Shot Blast Cleaning Equipment
    • Portable Shot Blast Cleaning & Surface Preparation
    • HydroPulse® Parts Cleaning & Degreasing
    • Custom Engineered Designs
    • Parts & Service Support
    • Blast Wheel Upgrades & Conversions
    • Machine Reconditioning