About Us

About Us

Our HistoryGoff Inc has grown from originally manufacturing only a couple of models of Blast Cleaning Equipment to now offering the most complete line of Abrasive Shot Blast Cleaning Equipment offered in the Industry today.  Goff Inc's full product line includes numerous designs and sizes of "Standard" Blast Cleaning and Shot Peening Equipment but also "Custom Engineered" Blast Cleaning Machines and Systems. 

Goff Inc also offers a comprehensive line of Portable Shot Blast Cleaning Equipment for surface preparation and/or cleaning of concrete or steel in preparation for paint, sealers, coatings or surface over-layments.  Goff Portables are appreciated for simple operation, easy maintenance, high production and long wear part life offering the "lowest cost per foot of production" in the harshest of applications.    

Goff HydroPulse Equipment is the best and most unique Hot Water Degreasing Equipment available on the market.  Goff HydroPulse utilizes our specially designed Water Wheel that hurls the high volume surge of Hot Water solution in order to remove grease and oils from dirty parts.  The Goff HydroPulse Water Wheel "throws" a higher volume and impact by cleaning with waves of hot water solution.  The Goff HydroPulse Water Wheel equipment offers more consistent production and less maintenance than conventional nozzle part washer machines by eliminating the labor and expense of replacing worn and clogged nozzles.           

Goff Inc has maintained our same Seminole, OK home office location for our Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing for the last 40 years.  The Goff facilities have grown and expanded to more than double the size of both the manufacturing and office space.  Our central US location parts warehouse allows us to serve both coasts with timely and feasible shipments of replacement parts as needed.

Goff Inc has maintained our position as a successful leader in this Industry because we do things differently.  We bring our equipment to market by teaming with the most experienced and knowledgeable Local Authorized Sales Representative, Blast Cleaning Professionals, there are anywhere.  Goff Representatives make on-site visits to view processes and products in order to fully understand customer needs and expectations.  This understanding allows Goff Inc to offer the best machine design and specific options to address the application.  We appreciate and respect that our customer's success leads to furthering our own success.