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    David Zehren on January 10, 2017

    The Latest


    As many of you attending this past Fall's Fab Tech Show in Las Vegas saw, Goff has introduced a new "small" Table Blast Machine Model.  I say "small" because it joined the other 36" diameter rotary Table Blast Machines as the smallest diameter rotary table (36") Goff offers in our full line of Table Blast Machines ranging up to 120" or 10' diameter.  This Model is a 36" diameter Table Blast with (2) two stacked Blast wheels.  This machine offers a blast cleaning zone of 36"diameter x 36" high.  The Blast Wheels oscillate roughly 15 degrees off of center offering superior parts cleaning capabilities due to better angles of attack from the blast patterns while the parts rotate.  The standard table weight capacity is 500lbs, upgradeable to 1000lbs. The Cabinet is lined with hanging manganese liners in line with the blast stream.    

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