Our History

Our History

Our HistoryGoff Inc. began manufacturing Abrasive Blast Cleaning Equipment operations in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1973 offering only a couple of unique Standard Blast Machine designs.  As the quantity and size of machine designs grew, the manufacturing space had grown from the limited original single building up to 4 separate buildings.  The decision was made to move the company out of Oklahoma City.  After an extended search process to find talented quality personnel, property and facilities, the decision was made to move out of Oklahoma City.  In 1979 manufacturing operations began in a newly built facility that remains the present day manufacturing and home office headquarters located outside of the city of Seminole, OK, in beautiful eastern Oklahoma. 

The company has changed ownership several times over our history.  In 1991, Mr. Jim Goff sold the privately held company to Georg Fischer (GF+) a renowned world leader in quality foundry products and equipment located Schaffhausen, Switzerland.  As a result of the Georg Fischer (GF+) ownership and investment Goff Blast Cleaning Equipment grew in size, complexity and capacity in order to supply the premier foundries throughout the US and world.  Under this ownership there was an unwavering commitment to quality that has remained ingrained within the company.             

In 1996, Georg Fischer (GF+) merged the company with another foundry division of a large foundry conglomerate DISA Inc. of Copenhagen, Denmark, with the new company name then becoming "Georg Fischer DISA Goff Inc".  This ownership furthered the growth of Goff Products offering additional designs and the worldwide growth of Goff Machines throughout Europe and Asia. 

In 2000, DISA Inc. became the sole owner of DISA Goff Inc.  DISA Inc. invested into Goff with an  office expansion and facilities facelift doubling capacity along with doubling manufacturing capacity with taller high bay clearance and cutting edge equipment,  The facilities upgrade was completed in 2001. 

In 2005, a Danish holding company purchased DISA Goff Inc. forming Goff Inc. once again.  The holding company sold Goff Inc. not long afterward in 2007.  

In 2007 Goff Inc. was sold to once again proudly become a locally held and operated United States of America "Small Business" while still maintaining a worldwide footprint and recognition.  This Goff Inc. ownership remains committed to offering the highest quality and most extensive line of Abrasive Blast Cleaning and Surface Preparation Machinery and Degreasing Equipment available. 


What we do: 

  • Stationary Shot Blast Cleaning Equipment
  • Portable Shot Blast Cleaning & Surface Preparation
  • HydroPulse® Parts Cleaning & Degreasing
  • Custom Engineered Designs
  • Parts & Service Support
  • Blast Wheel Upgrades & Conversions
  • Machine Reconditioning